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Cobblestone streets in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is defined by the natural beauty of its beaches, which are surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains, the essence of its culture, gastronomy, and customs, and the warmth and hospitality with which visitors are greeted as friends. This lovely location exudes a genuine Mexican flavour and attitude.

Activities for All Types of Passport Stampers

Puerto Vallarta offers a wide range of sports, including boat excursions, flyboarding, windsurfing, diving, and swimming with dolphins, as well as ziplining through the city’s tropical forests and rappelling down a river.

For the Adrenaline Stamper

If adrenaline-pumping activities and extreme adventures are your thing, Puerto Vallarta has the best possibilities for a memorable vacation.

Enjoy speed on the high seas in an inflatable boat, navigate rugged terrain in an ATV or RZR, ride a horse or bike through the Sierra Madre mountain range, or zipline down from its mountain peaks. Cross the world’s largest suspension bridge, El Jorullo, then parasail or skydive to get a bird’s eye view over the bay.

For the Competition Stamper

All year long, Puerto Vallarta hosts high-level sporting events that provide helpers with the opportunity to participate in recognized national and international tournaments.

Mexican Beach Volleyball Open, Puerto Vallarta Open, Down Puerto Vallarta, International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta are just a few of the competitions visitors can spectate or participate in.

For the Relaxation Stamper

When visiting Puerto Vallarta, riding a horse in the Sierra Madre mountain range is a must-do activity. Plan a day trip to see the amazing rivers and waterfalls, or go mountain biking to see the greatest vistas.

Check out our list of the certified tour operators who provide this service.

For the Nature Stamper

Hiking is the ideal way to learn more about Puerto Vallarta for a low cost; all you’ll need are comfortable clothes, sunscreen, insect repellant, a water bottle, and a small snack.

When it comes to engaging in this pastime, nature lovers have a range of possibilities. The Cerro de la Cruz Lookout, where you can see the sunrise over the mountains and magical Puerto Vallarta sunsets by the beach; the trail to Colomitos, which takes you through the mountains to this famous and enchanting beach; and the Palo Mara River, which has an irregular trail that leads to a refreshing waterfall and lagoon at the end of the hike.

For the Zippy Stamper

The lush, natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta is fascinating, and it provides an opportunity to explore the surroundings while getting a boost of adrenaline. While flying above the treetops, you’ll be surrounded by steep mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, which will set the tone for your adventure.

Many zipline tours involve horse or mule riding for a steady trek into the tropical jungle, where an amazing day awaits.

For the Rappelling Stamper

Rappelling down Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful waterfalls is an adventure reserved for the most daring. While you explore the Sierra Madre forests and Eco parks, a tour operator can lead the way, supervise, and provide the necessary equipment while you participate in activities such as crossing suspension bridges hundreds of metres above the earth, refreshing river dips, and much more.

For the Surfing Stamper

Although the beaches in Puerto Vallarta are wonderful for swimming, there are good surfing opportunities in Yelapa, Quimixto, and all the way to Mismaloya, as well as Marina Vallarta. With incredible Pacific waves and great temps, these beaches are ideal for surfing.

For the Dolphin Loving Stamper

Few experiences compare to swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, and there are plenty of them in Puerto Vallarta. While you skim through the water clutching their fins, learn more about these loving mammals, their behaviour, and social organisation.

Dolphins are gregarious animals who like interacting with humans, and their safety is a top priority in Puerto Vallarta, so you can rest assured that this experience, as well as all other certified activities, will be safe for both you and them.

For the Scuba Stamper

You’ll find incredible diving opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, whether you’ve already been certified or this is your first time. Experts will guide you through the ocean’s depths, where you’ll see shipwrecks, coral reefs teeming with marine life, natural reserves, and underwater caverns.

Admire the underwater rock formations known as “The Churches” due to their resemblance to cathedral pillars found in the dive site at the picturesque village of Chimo; immerse yourself in the bay’s deepest area at more than 1500 feet (450m) at Los Arcos Marine Park and discover its famous Devil’s Canyon while swimming alongside stingrays and marine turtles; or be awestruck by the sight of the Princesa Vallarta shipwreck.

For the Sea Cruising Stampers

Jet skis and wave runners are pure pleasure, and there are plenty of opportunities to ride the waves and take in the sights in Puerto Vallarta.

A jet ski provides a sensory experience in addition to adventure. It’s one of the safest water sports because it doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge; all you have to do is put it in the water and ride it, even in rough seas. Their stability makes maneuvering and riding the waves a breeze.